Yes, I am still alive. LoL!

December 18th, 2015 + 6:12 AM  ·  chauvette

It's good to see that after so long, there are still a lot familiar names! So much has happened since I frequented this site, mostly in the early 2,000's. I'm not going to bore anyone with the gory details. It's just great to re-visit a great site which has enjoyed so many years of fine undiscovered talent. As of recent, I've been working with some other fellows putting together a band to record some bucket list material I've been holding onto for years. The band is called "Swordfish Museum" and the project scheduled for finishing touches in 2016 is called "Rotate Counter Clockwise." I've wanted to record a 70's-style Progressive Rock (with a modern flair) project for many years and figured now is the time. The tracks have only just begun, so I'm posting an incomplete, but listenable rehearsal track from this new project for the Bandamp community listening pleasure. I hope you enjoy it. Keep the music alive! BandAmp rocks!!
October 18th, 2019 + 2:10 PM  ·  PuppetXeno

Good job on surviving this long! Lol! Same counts for me.
Swordfish Museum? How does our bandamp member Swordfish feel about this  looking forward to hearing some new material from you. Are you on soundcloud, or spotify, or any other online platform (other than f*book, I am not on that)?

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