Currently working on a vintage 70's styled progressive rock project with new band put together called "Swordfish Museum." An 8-cut compilation called "Rotate Counter Clockwise" is in the works

Keep original music alive! BandAmp rocks!!

Yes, I am still alive. LoL!

December 18th, 2015 + 6:12 AM  ·  chauvette

It's good to see that after so long, there are still a lot familiar names! So much has happened since I frequented this site, mostly in the early 2,000's. I'm not going to bore anyone with the gory details. It's just great to re-visit a great site which has enjoyed so many years of fine undiscovered talent. As of recent, I've been working with some other fellows putting together a band to record some bucket list material I've been holding onto for years. The band is called "Swordfish Museum" and the project scheduled for finishing touches in 2016 is called "Rotate Counter Clockwise." I've wanted to record a 70's-style Progressive Rock (with a modern flair) project for many years and figured now is the time. The tracks have only just begun, so I'm posting an incomplete, but listenable rehearsal track from this new project for the Bandamp community listening pleasure. I hope you enjoy it. Keep the music alive! BandAmp rocks!!

Swordfish Museum - America

December 18th, 2015 + 7:12 AM  ·  chauvette

Rehearsal tracks from my new 70's-styled prog rock project. This particular cut is a story of one of the many Christopher Columbus voyages across the sea to the "new world." This is the proposed closing track for the album scheduled for release in 2016.

Who I Am

March 29th, 2008 + 1:03 PM  ·  chauvette

Just another song to add to the dusty archives. Basically, I love to write and record. I'll be doing it in the ground after I'm buried. Sorry I haven't been a regular here. I have a lot going on in my life, but I always think of this site when I record something and like to share it. Hope all's well with everybody. Keep rockin' !!


March 16th, 2006 + 4:03 PM  ·  chauvette

This is my latest addition to the BandAmp collection. I listened to this 'till me ears bled, and decided to dust off the minimoog and pop it in on all of the choruses (except for the first chorus...I wanted to build the song). This was an awesome sound used in a lot of old Genesis/Yes/Cars/etc... tunes. I thought of it the other day. Nobody uses these sounds anymore..I wanted to kind of *bring it back*. I added crunch rhythm guitars (mono) and played the same part  twice panning to left and right creating true stereo (also after the first chorus). I cleaned up the bass guitar part and added a little more punch to the drums. Thanks for listening...C


March 10th, 2006 + 8:03 PM  ·  chauvette

OK. I promised after all the comments on the first edit of this one that I would go back and make some changes. Thanks to all of your enlightening comments, I came up with this edit. This is truly the final edit. I can't think of anything else for this one. I posted *edit 2* yesterday, but quickly discovered I didn't like the mix. I think this one is the one. I left up *edit 1* for comparison from start to finish...

Out With A Bang

February 24th, 2006 + 4:02 PM  ·  chauvette

A new demo I just finished in my studio. Lookin' to "shop" it maybe.
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